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Build your drug, assault or DUI defense in Saddle River, NJ, serving Bergen County NJ, Rockland County NY

If you've been accused of a crime, your first step should be to hire a qualified defense attorney. The PW Law Firm, LLC provides legal services for clients in the Saddle River and Bergen County, NJ areas. Our trial attorney has represented clients in over 100 court cases. He'll use his extensive experience to protect your rights.

Call on The PW Law Firm, LLC for...

  • DUI defense services, whether it's your first time being charged or your fifth
  • Drug possession defense services, for minor offenses
  • Traffic violations, simple assault charges and other cases that end up in municipal court

From negotiating on your behalf to representing you in court, we'll help you work toward a favorable outcome. Start building your drug, assault or DUI defense by contacting us today.

Why you should hire an attorney

You might think you can argue on your own behalf. But having a skilled attorney by your side could increase your chances of success. We'll help with everything from investigating the circumstances of your case to negotiating with the prosecution. You can count on us to help you argue for reduced penalties or an outright dismissal of your charges.

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