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Finding yourself under federal investigation is intimidating. But you don't have to act alone. Whether you're under investigation yourself or you've been called as a witness in a federal case, you'll want experienced legal representation from The PW Law Firm, LLC.

Employ our firm if you need...

  • A whistleblower defense attorney to protect your rights when you're facing discrimination or retaliation
  • Witness representation if you've been subpoenaed to appear in a federal case or as part of a grand jury
  • Legal counsel and guidance to make it through an FBI, DEA or IRS investigation with confidence

We'll help make sure you aren't taken advantage of, and we'll fight to achieve a favorable outcome in your situation. Schedule a consultation with a federal investigation and whistleblower defense attorney in Saddle River and Bergen County, NJ today.

Choose an attorney you can depend on

Federal investigations are no fun for anyone, and you can bet the government has skilled lawyers and investigators on their team. You can put your trust in The PW Law Firm, because attorney Paul Wiegartner is a former FBI Supervisory Special Agent with extensive experience with federal investigations, both in and out of the courtroom. You can take advantage of attorney Wiegartner's real-world experience to help you get through every step of the process.

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